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The Department of American Studies at the University of Szeged, Hungary is devoted to publishing quality scholarly content. In 2005, we launched our electronic journal, AMERICANA – E-Journal of American Studies in Hungary, and five years later, in 2010, we established our e-publishing label, AMERICANA eBooks. To get our ebooks, please visit the site of our label:

We are also proud of our publications devoted to honor our colleagues. In 2009, our then head, Bálint Rozsnyai retired and we asked colleagues, friends and former students to contribute to a collection of essays as a special present. The title of the bilingual book is Kultúrán innen és túl / Within and Without Culture, edited by Zoltán Vajda.

In 2011, György Novák retired, and we got a lot of essays from colleagues, friends and former students as contributions for a collection celebrating him. Költők, kémek, detektívek, pirítós és fordítások / Poets, Spies, Detectives, Pieces of Toast, and Translations is edited by Zoltán Vajda.

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