Call for Papers: The XIX FIEALC Conference


organized by the Department of Hispanic Studies, Faculty of Arts, University of Szeged, from 24 to 28, June 2019, in Szeged, Hungary. The conference is organized with the collaboration of all Hungarian Centers for Latin American Studies (Budapest, Pécs and Miskolc).


Latin America and the World: Spaces of Encounters and Collaboration

The central topic offers an opportunity to study the impacts of the contact between Latin America and the rest of the world in multiple interpretations from different perspectives. It stimulates critical reflection on historical and socioeconomic processes, literary tendencies, linguistic changes, and cultural phenomena from the first contacts to the analysis of the most recent processes. It can also promote comparative approaches between different countries and regions for a better understanding of our reality and our relationships, which also facilitates the construction of an attitude towards current phenomena and problems.


Historical and political relations between Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa
Globalization and economic development, contacts with the world economy
Migration and its challenges: historical context and current trends
Philosophy, identity and political thinking in Latin America
International relations and integration processes
Social, political and human rights: Latin America in the eyes of the world
Recent environmental challenges
Cultural and literary relations between Latin America and other continents
Linguistic contacts in Latin America
Literature and film studies
Diversity in Latin America: anthropological and cultural reflections
Education and educational policies
The Organizing Committee will award the “Leopoldo Zea” Prize for the best paper presented by a PhD student. The papers will be subject to a pre-review. The prize of 300 Euros will be granted by the members of the Scientific Commission of the Conference.

Proposals for subtopics are accepted within the thematic lines. The proposals of panels, papers or round tables (proposal of subtopics and summary of the papers 200 words maximum and a brief curriculum vitae of the participants) should be sent to the Organizing Committee in an online form on the conference website ( before December 31, 2018.

Presentations should not exceed 20 minutes and can be given in Spanish, Portuguese and English.


Regular registration fee: 120 EUR/ 38.000 HUF
Early bird registration fee (payment before March 1, 2019): 100 EUR/ 32.000 HUF
Doctoral students: 70 EUR/ 22.000 HUF, early bird registration fee: 50 EUR/ 16.000 HUF
Participants who do not present a paper and companions: 40 EUR/ 13.000 HUF

The payment of registration fees should be made via bank transfer, it will not be possible to pay in cash.


FIEALC Coordination

For more detailed information regarding registration, please contact:
In case of special requests, please contact: FIEALC General Coordination, CIALC (CCyDEL) UNAM Torre I de Humanidades, 2o. piso, C. U., México, D. F., 04510 México, Tel. (5255) 56 22 19 02, Fax: (5255) 56 16 25 15, e-mail: