Religions and the Production of Meaning

religion_issue_cover We are happy to announce that Volume V., Number 1., Spring 2009 of AMERICANA – E-Journal of American Studies in Hungary (published by the Department of American Studies) titled “Religions and the Production of Meaning,” is now online. The issue has been guest edited by Irén Annus (Department of American Studies, University of Szeged).

As you can read it in her introduction to the issue,

This special issue of AMERICANA investigates the role religion has played in American culture and society. Religion has maintained considerable power in shaping manners of thinking and courses of action in the US on the level of both the individual and the collective. We sought studies that offer a critical re/assessment of this power as expressed in the particular ways, mechanisms, structures and dynamisms of religious rituals, visual arts, narratives and practices through which religions have shaped the production of meaning and have thus filtered into the secular and impacted various time periods and aspects of American life.

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